midburn 2018

Midburn 2018

thank you so much my beloved burners!

There are no words in the world that can describe the feeling you all gave me. I was warned for the rollercoaster ride of my life, but I couldn't imagine it would be like this. I had truly no idea. 

It's a bizar, magical and wonderful piece of crazyland. It's a unique world with a special vibe, creative people and artsy masterpieces. I'm thankful for being part of it, for the great spirits I met and the magnificent experience that no one can take away from me. 

I'm writing this on the first day I got back from the Playa, recovering from the great happiness of the past days. I can't believe it's over. I'm sad, but incredibly thankful. 

I'm thankful for meeting you, my fellow Burner.

Without you my days in the desert wouldn't have been the same. I thank you for your great mind, your loving and caring words and helpful deeds. You gave me wings, let me fly and made me realize that the sky is never the limit. You're pretty awesome, never forget that!

We met at the Playa and I have given you my bracelet. That means you made an unforgettable impression to me, you brought me something special, gave me something to think about or just a pleasant feeling I don't want to forget about. My mission was to get every special human being I met on tape with me, but unfortunately I failed at it big time. There were so many thing I wanted to enjoy with you, that I forgot about the videos. So there won't be an aftermovie, I'm so sorry!

Special thank you for the IHOP CREW !

Since my speech the final night was WAY too short, I'm writing this thank you blog especially for you. My mind was overpowered that night and I couldn't even talk to Renee and ‘the Americans’ in the car back to TLV anymore (I saw a camel on the way, tried to tell them, but all I could do is point at it... yay... ) 

So here we go!

We're incredibly thankful for you guys welcoming us in your crew. Your hot and steamy friendliness was the ultimate gift to us. From day one we called the camp 'home' and you were our family. That only happened because of you guys. 

From the catwalk shows to the long queues for the pancakes, from the kitchen shifts to the sleep in party in front of the van. We enjoyed all of it!

And lets not forget about our Hebrew language lessons, the EPIC balloon parade, steam sessions, cries from laughter, doing each others make up, blowing glitters in each others faces, Michelles suggestions for next year, acrobatic shower experiences, my dancing sister Noga, the piano concert of Jack, going crazy at the spiral artwork, INSANE sandstorms, mushrooms, getting painted by Rita, being touched by the Inner Eye, completely losing track of time, all of your smiles and hugs, getting high on G, playing backgammon, 30 seconds and dilemma's, our visits to the Medicamp, Yulias tutu, the polaroids, Espresso Martinis, the people who went missing, our caring camp mom Dana ♥, the Moop Squad, stargazing at the Flying Camel, Bloody Marry's, giving the playa an orgasm, Ozy’s energetic ways of keeping the people entertained, Spritzers or Sprays, our final goodbye-round to the artworks and the sauna is ALWAYS a good idea :) 

This doesn't even cover all of it, but I hope you know that we have a lot to thank you for. 

A special thanks goes to Razi for inviting us. For being calm, relaxed and clear in the communication up front of Midburn so we were sure that we came prepared and knew what to expect (for as far that is possible of course ;-) lol ) Thank you!


IHOP CREW, you are the best and we really hope to see you soon somewhere in the world or next year at MidBurn 2019! Let us know when you're in Amsterdam, we would love to show you around, drink a beer and take you to the coffeeshops ;-) We love you to Pluto and back.

Lots of love, dusty hugs and tickling kisses,

Your two new Dutch friends,

Josien and Renée


ps. these are just a few impressions, but in my mind they're very much alive ;-)