These are the 5 benefits of traveling solo

Traveling solo. To be honest, sometimes it's super scary. You just never really know what is out there waiting for you. But that is exactly the adventure you've chosen. And that thrill is what makes me a happy girl. To get you just as excited as me, I wrote down my top 5 reasons to travel alone. 

1. You have no one to negotiate with

It may sound a bit selfish, but this is my number one reason to travel alone. It's not that I hate people, but I really love making my own plans without asking if my travel buddy is up for it too. If I want to go to the beach, I go to the beach. Do I feel like staying longer at the party? I go for it! There is no one you have to explain yourself to, it's liberating!

Of course there's also a downside to it. It's because of traveling so much alone, I'm not doing great in groups. Last time when I was at the beach with my friends, they wanted to go for lunch. I felt like staying a bit longer, so my answer was "you can go for lunch, I don't really feel like it yet. Will catch you later." They were surprised and a little offended by it of course, but no harm was meant! I just want everybody to do their own thing, just like I'm doing. But not all understand that feeling that well.. So I had to explain myself a bit more. I'm probably not going to change anytime soon, but I do have to adjust a bit when I'm in a group. 


The 5 benefits of traveling solo

2. You meet new people faster

When traveling solo, you'll make new friends faster. You're far more approachable when you're alone in a bar, at the beach, on your way, in the train/plane/bus etc. People are curious by nature and tend to ask a bunch of questions pretty quick. And I like to tell people about my work and hear what brought others to that place and time. Before you know it you're hours and a bottle of wine further and having a good time!

Besides that, you will meet a lot of fellow solo travelers on your way. You hear about their stories and experiences. Maybe you get inspired for your next destination by their journey! And if there's a 'click' you might even travel together for a while.

The 5 benefits of traveling solo

3. You REALLY get to know yourself

One thing is certain: during your solo journey you really get to know yourself. I learned a lot during my first solo travel when I was 18 and in Spain. 

I was there for 3 months and with a group of young and international people who didn't know each other yet. It was exciting and everybody was super curious about the journey. At the beginning you have to find your place in the group, but in a matter of time there will be friction between different personalities. You meet with different cultures and opinions, so yes, that can bump. I found it very interesting to see how everybody experienced it differently and responded in their own way. But it's even more interesting if you discover your own habits and do a little self reflection. 

4. You get independent

Who run the world! ;-) When you travel solo it directly means you have to rely on your radical self. This can be hard, but you learn a so much! What I learned during my travels is to let others take control from time to time (yes, I was a control freak). It took a long while, but I find myself thinking "oh sure, you go for it, I don't have to do it" way more often than a few years ago. 

My travel planning is still in full control of yours truly. I'm not letting some one else touch/change my routes, transport or stays! 

The 5 benefits of traveling solo

5. It's cheaper

I have to admit, that due to all my travel I became a cheap-ass. For most people their time abroad is a holiday, so they spend more. You're there for a short stay and really make the most of it. You want to relax, spend money and forget about the world for a while. I totally understand! But for me, who is traveling full time, it's works a little different. I don't have that strong holiday feeling anymore. It's there when I arrive on a new location, but most of the time I also have to get to work right away (and I love my job peeps, don't get me wrong). 

Besides the above, I'm a freelancer. Which means my income is never stable. I can work for a lot of companies one month, and have one 1 the other. Sometimes even nothing at all! I don't have any issues with that, cause it means I can travel more. Although it also means I have to be prepared for these setbacks. So I have to live like a cheap-ass from time to time. 

You can imagine that it can be hard when I travel with friends. For them it's a real holiday, while for me it's another travel. They wanna go out for dinner, drinks, visit touristic places, etc. Where I only think "I don't go out for dinner every day at home, why now?". I know the answer of course and I don't want to spoil their fun and holiday of course!  So in the end I always spend way more money when I travel with friends, cause it's always more fun. 

In my case, I'm better of traveling solo. What about you? Did I convince you to travel solo as well? Or are you already traveling on your own! Let me know in the comments!