The 5 most important Instagram tricks

Everybody loves his/her followers on Instagram. It doesn't only bring a good feeling (being admired is always good) but it is also good for business! At least, if you're using your Instagram account for business purpose of course. And believe it or not, there are many, many companies out there starting with advertising on Instagram. To beat the big brands and/or stand out with your account, I have created a top 5 of basic things you need to chance / know first to get more followers for your Instagram account: 


1. Who is your ideal follower?

You can't start with Instagram and just do. You must have a strategy! And that all start with your target group. Think about your ideal follower! Who is he/she? Where does he/she live? Age? Interests? Work? When online? etc. Write down every detail you can think of and keep this in mind when you create your account. 


2. Profile picture + bio

Most important is of course your profile. Does your ideal follower recognize you in your picture picture? Does it match with your brand and style? And besides your profile picture, how does your bio describe your account? Make sure there is no text in your profile picture, but in your bio only. This is the first thing a visitor on your feed sees and it must match with what they can expect on your feed. Want to know how to write a strong bio? Check out this blogpost


3. Structure

Think of a structure in the order of pictures you're going to post. Do not post 5 selfies in a row to continue with a landscape. Mix and match. Be divers! Make a list of potential posts, like new blogs, your workspot of the day, a selfie, new product, quotes, how to's, etc. 


4. Style of your Instagram feed

How to get a beautiful feed like your favorite Instagrammers? It's not that difficult! You do need to cut out a few great pictures, which will hurt, but it is possible! You and your brand probably have a style, coloring theme or design that you use for all marketing outings. Use these in every picture. Is green the color of your logo? Make sure that in every picture there is something green. Something that matches your style. My advice is to combine your design with a lot of white space. So one picture of a very green forest is great, but do use a lot of white space in your next picture (a green bench in the snow for example) to keep your feed clean and organized. 


5. Like, comment and follow back

Once your account is totally up and running, let people know you're out there! Like and comment on every picture that matches your brand. Find your ideal followers, comment on a few of their pictures and invite them to check out your awesome feed! Follow them, see what they post, get inspired or even repost what they do. In the end we all want the same: be seen. So your ideal follower would love you if you follow them back! 


Want to know more?

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