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Ecopreneur Roetz Amsterdam

Amsterdam: the city reigned by cyclists. This city so well equipped for riding, you'll find bike paths and lanes line almost every street and canal allowing cyclists safely drive through the city. Cyclists heading to and from work, laden with groceries heading home from the supermarket, parents with kids piled in the cart in the front, elderly with electric bikes… You will even find people who look like they are moving houses on a bike!

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Hideous but promising electric camper

Dethleffs has started with the production of a new electric camper. Recently the German camper giant revealed the new concept of the e.home. The camper is covered with solar panels and in my humble opinion not exactly a beauty, but if you look through the design, you see the e.home as a camper of the future. And that's what makes her beautiful! 

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Biohotel Flachauerhof in Flachau, Austria

It's important that my carbon footprint is as little as possible (and yours too!). So everywhere I go, I try to stay as much as I can in eco airbnb's or biohotels. These are not easy to find, so as long as they're already trying to become green or giving back to natures resources, I'm already fan of their organization! So when my short trip to the Austrian Alps came up, I didn't think twice to book my stay at the BioHotel in Flachau: Flachauerhof

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NATRUE is the strictest international quality label for natural cosmetics. This label guarantees that the production takes place in an environmentally friendly manner. For this it has three variants: in addition to the label for organic cosmetics, there is also a label for natural cosmetics and a label for natural cosmetics with organic ingredients. Natrue is the only label that makes the distinction in this way.

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