Review: Weleda's Skin Food

You all know that I think it is very important leave no trace. Not in waste, not in carbon. But did you also know that I also pay attention to beauty products? In this area it is just as important to use as many natural products as possible without any crazy additions or unneeded plastic packaging. For example, I'm a total addict when it comes down to Weleda products. Especially their Skin Food. The Skin Food cream is a rich, nourishing cream that works well against dry skin. In addition, Weleda products are free from synthetic fragrances, colorings and preservatives, so 100% unsurpassed!

When winter is coming (yes...), I get a very dry skin and it can use some extra care. This cream makes my skin soft and nourishes in a natural way. What strikes me is that the cream gives a very nice natural glow, much different than other creams.

Skin Food also feels a bit thicker than other creams. As a result, you only need a small amount of cream, which is very sustainable. Moreover, after a few days my skin is less dry and feels soft. I use it for dry spots on my skin, but also as a facial mask from time to time. I am a HUGE fan! 

What Weleda says about Skin Food:

"Skin Food literally nourishes all the spots on the body that are rough and dry. From dry knees and elbows, chapped lips, chapped hands to rough feet and even the face. Skin Food is a rich, nourishing cream that penetrates deep into the skin and restores it. An ideal product to have anywhere and always at hand."

Another reason for taking Skin Food with you on your travels: it's the best after sun you can possibly wish for (even though Weleda has a 'real' Aftersun too). The sun makes your skin dry out of course, but if you're really too long in the sun and your skin turns red (!!) you will be happy to have Skin Food in your bag. Furthermore, Skin Food has a spicy floral scent, which I personally find very nice.

The secret of Skin Food? 100% nature.

The secret of Weleda is not really a secret. They scream it from the rooftops actually ;-) It's all in the natural ingredients. No chemical cocktail for your skin. It's Weleda's mission to bring the nature back to us. Weleda stands for organic cultivation, fair trade and environmentally friendly production methods. To support that mission for people and nature, they carry the strictest international quality mark for natural cosmetics, exclusively for products made from 100% natural ingredients: NATRUE. A label I love and I summarized what this label stands for in this short article.

You MUST have this Skin Food. Really. It works miracles and takes care of you and your skin. And if you buy it through Amazon, it gets delivered on your doorstep. Get it here. 

As you can see: it already has over a thousand reviews on Amazon and almost gets rated with 5 stars! I'm not alone! Hit the heart below this blog to show some love to Weleda's Skin Food!