Sandboarding at Lancelin, Western Australia

Yesss one of my most wanted activities during my travels! I really really wanted to go sand boarding! Besides the fact I like adrenaline and doing new stuff, it looks like lots of fun and it's highly Instagrammable ;-) So I really had to do this when I got the change. And that change came when I was traveling Western Australia. 

From Perth it's a 2 hour, relatively short, drive up North to get to Lancelin, where the crazy white sand dunes stand out from anything else in your view. The road to the location is not as impressive as the Great Ocean Road (but what can beat that anyway?) and only gets interesting when you get a view on the ocean. So when driving there, you probably make a pit stop at the Pinnacle Desert. Just to get your eyes of the road for a bit, but also for this strange landscape and weird rocky desert. Highly recommended. 

In Lancelin you'll find the best lobster (EVER) and that's not at the famous Lobster Shack with only (!!) Chinese people in there. Yes, it might be recommended by EVERYBODY, but the location and other visitors aren't the best. So go get yourself to the Lobbster Trap, a little bit further down the road and have yourself a lovely Lobster slider! They also offer great smoothies, good coffee and breakfast and the ambiance is great! 

But what you're really for in the small town of Lancelin, is sandboarding! I even skipped a great lobster lunch for it, excited as I was. So upon arrival I made sure the first thing I did was renting a board at the entrance of the dunes. Two nice girls with a trailer FULL of wooden boards will be waiting for you and for just $ 10 AUD you can have fun for the rest of the day! 

You have to walk a bit through the desert to get to the higher hills/dunes, but that is really just a short walk. There are many dunes to go for a slide, so no worries about crowds or running others over while you are making your way down. Which is also great for your pictures, since you don't want other people in it besides your friends. 

The experience itself: awesome! It's way easier then I expected it to be and of course a lot of fun! At first the dunes looked pretty high, so the fear of going too fast was present. But in the end I even needed to wax my board a lot so that I could go faster! I think I needed 30 minutes to get the board under control and make a safe passage down. That's also where the most fun is: learning how to get it under control. As soon as you can do it, the adrenaline drops. So after an hour I was ready to go annoy my fellow boarders. Try to ride one board with two persons, going down backwards or other stupid ideas, we tried. 

After learning, doing and having fun, your legs will kill you if you go walk up the dunes again. So my guess is that most people have fun for about 2 hours and then leave the dunes again, which is perfectly fine! 

One last advice: the best time to go is in the early morning. It's not only really beautiful during sunrise, but it's also less windy (or if you're lucky no wind at all). Between 11am and 2pm it's super hot, you're in a desert after all, and after 3pm the wind will pick up and you will find yourself in a sandstorm. 


I love the Lonely Planet, so I also bought this travel guide. It inspired me to go certain ways I wouldn't have picked without it :)