My pack list for every travel adventure

Packing tips! Products that I bring with me and absolutely not forget about. I can make it easy for you, my list is not that long: I travel light. There are a few things though that I can't travel without! Things that I can't buy at my future locations or don't want to spend too much time finding a store that sells it. You'll find them below. 

Besides my passport, the needed visa and vaccinations/medicines:

1. Phone, charger and travel power plug

This is the easy one of course. Who leaves the house without his/her phone nowadays, right?! Especially me, a digital nomad who's work is 100% online. The important thing here is that you have the right charger and a travel power plug with you. Though you can buy these things almost anywhere, you don't want to arrive at your destination (after traveling over 24 hours) with an empty phone and no power plug that fits the power points. Think about it ;-) 

I'm still looking for a dongle, or something else to create my own cheap WiFi hotspot! Let me know if you have any advice/tips! 

2. Macbook, charger and needed accessoires

I'm a lucky girl with the remote freelance possibilities. But it directly means that I always travel with my Macbook Retina 12 inch Space Grey ♥. I'm nothing without it! Of course I also bring the charger with it, but also the Magic Mouse and a Lightning-to-USB cable. I still hate the fact that these don't come in Space Grey tho. 

Picture below is from one year ago, I wish I could still pack THAT light! It also reminds me that I also always have my Compeed blister cushions, hand disinfection and a book/Lonely Planet Guide with me. 

Packing List Travel AjasmineGoal.jpg

3. Camera Sony a6000 + GoPro

Every traveler loves to take pictures, since this is almost the only way to explain at home what your adventure brought you. The only way to bring your memories alive. 

My GoPro is of course always with me since I love to (kite)surf, skateboard and ski. Including selfie stick and waterproof case I'm completely set for every adventure.

The Sony a6000 was quiet a search. After weeks of comparing and asking for recommendations this beauty of a camera came out as the winner! The most important things I was looking for: 

  • Light weight (only 344 gram!!)
  • Bluetooth or other connection to transfer pics easily to my smartphone 
  • Separate lenses 
  • 24+ Mega pixels
  • High ISO reach 

One of my best friends had one of these and after a holiday testing this brilliant camera I was convinced of it's skills. Love at first sight ;-)

4. Solar charger

As said before, I can't travel without my electronic gear. There will be a day you'll find yourself in a low-battery-situation with a power plug nowhere close. Make sure you have a extra battery at all time!

I have an ANKER 21W Dual USB Solar Charger. Why? It can charge my phone almost 5 times and I don't need a power plug: super eco friendly. Save your phone, save the planet! 

5. Backpack + packing cubes + compression bags

I always travel with a backpack, not with a suitcase. My biggest reason is that I still have 2 hands free to carry my hand luggage or to read a map along the way for example. And because this requires smart packing (not as much space as a suitcase) I use packing cubes and compression bags. These will keep my stuff organized and clean. 

6. Stainless steel water bottle of 24Bottles + filter

Wherever you go, you need water, and in most countries in the world you have to buy plastic bottles of water. This is one of my biggest annoyances when traveling. There is too much plastic in the world, we're literally killing ourselves with plastic. We drop it in the oceans, the fishes eat the plastic, we eat the fishes... But that's another message I write about in other articles.

It's also saddening to see that half of the world has no access to clean drink water. I try to buy as less plastic as I can and one of the things that helps me most is my water filter and a water bottle of 24Bottles. With this bottle, made from stainless steel and super light weight, I'm not participating in creating the Plastic Soup. Even better: every time I fill my Urban Bottle with water, I also save 0,08 kg of CO2! Sustainable, ecological AND traveler friendly. 

Oh and did I say they come is lots of beautiful colors? Love it! 

Oh and did I say they come is lots of beautiful colors? Love it! 

7. Sustainable bamboo toothbrush

One other example of my anti-plastic mission/obsession is using bamboo products. And no:

  • It's not expensive
  • It's not heavy
  • It's not difficult to get
  • It's not cleaning your teeth in a lesser way than that plastic one you have right now

So stop the excuses, get yours now.

8. Weleda Skinfood and Vision Sunscreen 

In case you didn't know yet: I ♥ WELEDA. It's just too bad I can't buy/find all their products everywhere in the world (think about the train from Perth to Sydney for example) and I always travel light, which means I don't bring shampoo, bodylotions and other cosmetics with me from home. Nothing. Except for Weleda's Skinfood. It's my bodylotion, after sun, skin recovery serum all in 1. It's THE medicine my skin needs. Read all about it here. 

It's not entirely green/eco/bio/etc, but it is free of parfum, parabenes, lanolines and isn't tested on animals. It's the best 50SPF sunscreen I have ever tested. I haven't found any other sunscreen that is 50SPF, leaves no white stripes and comes without all the unnatural ingredients. At least as less as possible. Highly recommended! 

9. Pen and paper

It may sound weird that I, a digital junky, travels with old school pen and paper. But I just need pen and paper to doodle away. See it as a meditation thing. Sometimes I just need to draw weird stuff or write stuff down. Not often, but yeah, sometimes. Oh and it came in handy when I wanted to give my number to a cute guy at a bar and I was too afraid of just talking to him :D

10. Good shoes

I have a great set of Under Armour running shoes that I also use for hiking and long walks through the jungle. They're not that heavy, but I also wear them in the airplane to save up space and weight in my luggage. Super comfy! 

11. Bandana, skirt, scarf, dust mask (bonus)

Call it how you want it, but I have one piece of cotton that I wear as sarong in Hindu temples, as scarf in cold weather, beach towel on African beaches, headscarf in Muslim countries and dust mask / bandana during MidBurn in Israel. Multifunction and an absolute quick fix for many situations!