Hideous but promising electric camper

Dethleffs has started with the production of a new electric camper. Recently the German camper giant revealed the new concept of the e.home. The camper is covered with solar panels and in my humble opinion not exactly a beauty, but if you look through the design, you see the e.home as a camper of the future. And that's what makes her beautiful! 

Electric camper

Electric driving and camping; it is not a very obvious combination. You can of course drag your caravan behind your Tesla or other electric or hybrid car, but that's not how you pictured your eco camping adventure. For the environmentally-conscious camper who thinks a few solar panels on the roof of the caravan are not enough, there may soon be a serious option to go on a completely sustainable journey!

Dethleffs recently presented a study model of a fully electric powered camper at the camping exhibition in Düsseldorf.

Electric camper

Realistic alternative for the future?

It looks a bit strange at first glance. A spaceship. From the future! Where you normally only expect to find solar panels on the roof, almost all sides of the e.home are equipped with black solar panels. All these panels have an area of about 31 meters m², which should provide enough electricity for a range of 280 kilometers (without any luggage and equipment of course). The motorhome weighs 5.6 tons and can reach a speed of about 80 km/h (so far the adventure for the adrenaline junky ;-) ).

What characterizes the Dethleffs camper is its economical infrared heating. In contrast to other types of heating, little heat is lost to the air. This efficiency is very necessary, since the motor of the big camper, including all appliances, is 100% depending on the power generated by the solar panels. Another big plus: you monitor all parts (including heating, lighting, locking) with a smart app. Which is totally 2018. 

Clearly Dethleffs is taking the next step compared to other models of motorhomes that are self-sufficient with some solar panels, but still depend on fossil fuels. This e.home study model is not for sale yet, but it absolutely shows potential! 

I'm fan! When can I go?