Eco friendly cruising: Peaceboat Ecoship

I have to admit that I really don't think a cruise is something ment for me, or at least not yet, but tourism industry in luxury cruises is growing rapidly. You would say it's a good thing for cities with large harbors, but the growing popularity of these holidays also has a big downside. An average cruise ship emits just as much CO2 as 84,000 cars. 

84,000 !!

The cruise market is one of the fastest growing sectors in mass tourism, with 27 million passengers expected in 2018. In comparison, in 1980 there were only 1.4 million, reports the British newspaper The Guardian. A large cruise ship emits just as much CO2 as 84,000 cars, as much nitrous oxide as over 400,000 cars and as much sulfur dioxide as 376 million cars.

Where old polluting diesel cars are more and more banned from city centers, for cruise ships hardly any restrictions apply. While these sailing cities are leaders in the emission of CO2, nitrogen and sulfur dioxide. 

Meet the Peaceboat Ecoship! 

As ambassador of the United Nations, environmental activist and former passenger of the Titanic 😂, Leonardo DiCaprio would be very happy to hear that there's a new ship which is WAY more eco friendly than it's predecessors! Titanic? Eat your heart out! Meet the Peaceboat Ecoship, what a name! 

The Peaceboat Ecoship is a green ocean liner that is much better for the environment than the average cruise ship. This revolutionary new ship contains the latest innovations in the area of reusable energy and uses 20% less fuel than a regular cruise ship. It is not easy to design such a ship: experts, engineers and scientists have been busy since 2012.

The chance of a ticket on board is relatively large: there is room for 2,000 people in 750 cabins. The ship is 250 meters long and let's hope you won't get bored on board, since it's not announced what sorts of entertainment will be found on the eco ship. But at least you can swim there. All aboard!

Keep an eye on this super sustainable project on their website:

The largest cruise ship in the world

This eco-friendly ocean liner is not the largest ship in the world. No, that remains the Harmony of the Seas. Yet it is cool to see this innovation. Do you want a bit more adventure but in a more environmentally friendly way? Check out this eco camper!