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The Keukenhof in Lisse, the Netherlands

As a true Dutchie I grew up between the bright colored tulip fields. Seeing these fields along the roads every April/May is a very common thing to us. But to all foreigners in our country it isn't. Every year it's a parade of tourists that stop next to the road (at something dangerous places) to take a picture or just stare at it. Crazy stuff! What is it that people like about it? Why is it so special to them? To find answers to these questions I spend a day in the Keukenhof, the centre of the floral madness.

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My 20 most favorite travel quotes

You might have been looking all over the internet to find that one perfect quote that describes exactly how you feel while traveling. I know I did for many times. And I got sick of it. So to help you out and save you some time and trouble, here are my favorite travel related quotes: 

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The hidden wonders of Gerês National Park, Portugal

Portugal is mostly known for it's robust nature in the South of the country. Amazing cliffs, rock formations and long sandy beaches make it the ideal location for a sunny holiday. And you should have Albufeira, Lagos or Faro on your bucketlist, they're wonderful! But the best kept secret, the pearl of the country is hidden in the North, near the Spanish boarder. Time for a little road trip into the mountains of Portugal and Spain! 

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