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As you might have noticed: I ♥ CONSISTENCY. It makes or breaks your Instagram feed. This also counts for blogs and website by the way, but that is something else I won’t bother you with right now. 

Keep your colors, fonts, alignments and bio in the same style and you’ve got nothing to worry about!


43. Be present and recognizable

Think about when and how often you want to post, make a plan and stick to that. Just like the schedule for what type of pictures you want to post in PART 4.28. Work ahead with apps like Later.com or Hootsuite, it saves you precious time!


44. Use a theme

Accounts with a theme are doing really well on Instagram. Check out these lovely feeds:


45. Try out different accounts

You can manage up to five accounts in your Instagram app. Besides your main account you can add others or test accounts. A test account is the best way to test and tweak, just to play around before posting it on your official feed. Trial and Error.

Do know that you need an unique email address per IG account.


46. Use the same filter

Fan of filters? Me too! But always use the same filter to keep consistency.