My 50 travel goals

This morning I was cleaning my house in the Netherlands. I can hear you thinking, but no worries, this blog is not about cleaning your house. I'm going to sell a lot of my stuff that I don't use anymore at online platforms. From lights and books to clothes and house decorations. Call me crazy but I do this to save more money to travel and to store less stuff for when I'm going to rent it out. Two big tips for long term travelers: sell as much as possible of your old stuff and rent out your home during the time you travel. Or even sell the house, whatever it takes. You need the money! 

Back to me cleaning my appartement. It's never the highlight of my day, but today it brought me something that made me realize I'm on the right track. As a little girl I made a list of different activities around the world that I wanted to do. I almost forgot about that list, but I wrote it down in my diary. Love those old days of the handwritten diaries. And guess what I found in my old diary: My list of most wanted travel locations and what I'm going to do there. 

Remember, I was a little girl, probably 10 - 11 years old, so in this list were only 11 well known locations and simple activities. Like: drink English tea in England, and: throw a frisbee in Central Park, New York.. So inspiring! But it tells a lot about me and that traveling has always been in my my dream. I also remember now that I once asked Santaclaus for a house at Ibiza. Weird kid ;-)

Now that I have this list in front of me again, I can't help myself to extend the list with what I know now. And of course I wanted to share it here! I made it to 50, and I know that doesn't even cover everything, but it is a great start! The travel goals I have succeeded already are highlighted in a bold font. The rest is of the list yet to come! 

My 50 travel goals

Now again, the first 11 were written by the young inspired Josien. I hope the list inspires you to travel (more) as well or maybe it helps you to pick your next holiday destination. Who knows!

Oh and let me know if you have anything to add to the list! Always happy to hear about your travel goals! 

  1. Drink tea in England
  2. Throw a frisbee in Central Park, New York
  3. See the Northern Lights in Norway (maybe I should change this into Lapland)
  4. Celebrate NYE in Sydney --> Fireworks!
  5. Crush grapes and make my own wine in France
  6. Go skiing in Austria
  7. Swim under a waterfall at Tenerife (do they have waterfalls there?)
  8. Drink beer in Berlin
  9.  See the Olympic flame in Athen
  10. Party at Ibiza
  11. Carnaval in Rio
  12.  Burningman in Nevada, USA
  13. Mid Burn, Israel
  14. Kite surfing in South Africa
  15. Halloween in the mountains at the Spanish - Portugese boarder
  16. Roadtrip in Portugal
  17. Ride a camel in Marrocco
  18. See the pyramids in Egypt
  19. Safari in Kenya
  20. Climb and walk the Chinese Wall
  21. Route 66, USA
  22. Kayaking in Canada
  23. Transiberia Express Moscow - Peking
  24. Check out Moai at Easter Island 
  25. Ride a train at Sri Lanka
  26. Swim at Whitsunday Island, Australia
  27. La Tomatina in Valencia
  28. Trekking through Madagascar
  29. Visit the gate of Antartica: Ushuaïa 
  30. Lost City trek in Colombia
  31. Husky tour in Finland
  32. Photograph the amazing waterfalls at Krka Park in Croatia
  33. Swim in hot springs of Iceland
  34. Climb a vulcano in Indonesia
  35. Ride a motorbike in Vietnam
  36. Trek to Everest Base Camp, Nepal
  37. Spend a night in a super expensive villa at the Maldives
  38. Find a snow leopard in Mongolia
  39. Star in a Bollywood movie, India
  40. Do a helicopter ride through the Rocky Mountains
  41. Dance salsa in Argentina
  42. Sleep under the stars in Nicaragua
  43. Snorkling at the Gili Islands
  44. Scream out loud in a rollercoaster at Disneyland Paris 
  45. Sandboarding, anywhere in the world (done: Western Australia)
  46. Smoke a sigar at Cuba
  47. Biking through Mexico
  48. Do a handstand at the beach of Kho Phi Phi, Thailand
  49. Swim in a rooftop pool in Malaysia
  50. Find Petra, Jordan

Oh man, I can go on and on with this! Madness! Let's goooo!

Two things before you comment with your travel ideas:

I don't do diving. Breathing under water freaks me the hell out and the idea that there is a whole other world with fast, slippery, poisoning and sharp toothed animals beneath you make me lose my mind. Just thinking about it makes me shiver. Call me a weirdo because I love watersports like surfing, but really... I'm not made to be under water. Done.  

Second thing you need to know: I don't visit any so called "taking care of the hurt animals" parks. Simply because I hear too many stories about these parks not being who they claim to be. Forget about the stickers on their front doors saying the have the label of WNF or whatever degree they got from the UN. It appears to be fraud after all. I don't want any pictures of me with an animal which is not in the wild.

Swimming with dolphins at Cuba

Unfortunately I did make the mistake before, but I will never make it again. Period. 

This picture is taken at Cuba in 2012, where they were taking care of 'lost dolphins'.