Digital Nomad - Don't underestimate this life!

I have to say I kinda underestimated the Digital Nomad lifestyle. Like everyone I fell for the pretty pictures of photographers on white beaches and laptops besides infinity pools, but didn't think everything through as I should have. I did know it was still hard work and that I had to get my shit together, and I did, but there were a few things I ignored, even when friends warned me for it. 

The biggest issue I just didn't want to think of was loneliness. It's sounds amazing when you can quit your job and start traveling around the world. Full time. See beautiful places, meet great like-minded people and taste some crazy food on the other side of the world. Experience new cultures, learn about holy rituals and see the world in a different picture. Call me naive, but I just 'forgot' that the ultimate basis for every digital nomad is Travel. That in every digital nomad community everybody comes and goes. There is little time to build up relationships, since most of the people you meet will leave your work spot within 12 months. So do you probably. I wasn't ready to say goodbye (in real life, cause online we stay in touch of course!!) to so many new people in my life in my first 3 months already. 

You can also find loneliness in your work, since you no longer work at an office with colleagues. But I was prepared for this one, some parts I did think through ;-). I work at co-working spaces or shared offices to meet up with like minded people. That works really well! 

Another thing people tend to forget when they start as digital nomad, is stress. If you think that you no longer have to worry about anything, you can just lay at the beach with a cocktail in your hand. You're wrong. I did know this, I made a plan, but still it turned out to be different than my predictions. 

I have my work schedule, a lot of discipline and motivation and still it's tough to not worry about stuff. Remember that you're all on your own as digital nomad. You have to take care of your insurances, money flow, persion, administration and taxes. There is no company taking care of you when you're sick. There is also no company who is constantly delivering jobs to you. You have to find work yourself, all the time. And of course you know this up front, and you do have a plan to work your way around it. But do not underestimate the stress it can give you. Life as digital nomad is hard work and not without stress either. Though, it does help if your at a tropical island somewhere in the Pacific of course ;-)

Don't let this post bring you down!

Fortunately there are WAY more pro's of the digital nomad life of course. I don't want to discourage you at all! You get to travel a lot, can pick your own clients, determine your own working hours and you will learn a lot (personally and professionally). It's most probably the best thing I did in my life. So hell yes, you should too and join this wonderful world of digital nomads! 

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