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You’ve taken your pictures, edited them and you’re ready to post. But when is the right time?


39. Think about your followers

Remember, you described your ideal follower before. You know what their day looks like. When they sleep, where they work, when they have breaks: when they check their Instagram? Most likely in the morning before 9 AM and evenings after dinner.

Extra tip: When you have over 100 followers, you can connect your FB page to your Instagram Business profile. From that day moving forward you are able to see statistics of your posts and followers. Including when your followers are the most active on the platform. 


40. Respond to the time of the day

Did you just take the best picture of your breakfast? Post it in the morning. Think about what your followers are doing at that very moment and if they are doing the same or would wish they were doing the same. Inspire your followers, don’t brag.




41. Respond to the time of the week

Who hasn’t seen the Lazy Sunday, Happy Friday or blue-Monday posts.




42. Frequency

With the latest update of Instagram (Nov 2017), it’s even more important that you post quality pictures, instead of lots of pictures. Still you have to know what the limit is your followers will accept.

The average of posting pictures is once a day. When you just started with Instagram you would want to fill your account, so two a day is fine too (unless you have no followers at all, then you can post them all at once).

As soon as you have over 10.000 followers you can increase the number of posts a day to three or even four. As long as you are not spamming your audience, you’re good to go. Do you want to post multiple posts a day? Be sure you keep at least two hours between the posts. The Instagram algorithm doesn’t like bulk posts.

Extra tip: With apps like Later.com and Hootsuite you can schedule posts. You only have to set them in the app, add a due date and the app will give you a reminder when it’s time to post it. Love it!