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You know now what kind of pictures you want to post and how to take them, you’re almost there! Last, but not least, before you post them, you edit them.


34. Download apps for editing

Never worked with Photoshop before? No worries, there are many apps out there which are WAY easier than Photoshop. The most popular apps are:

  • Photo Editor of Aviary
  • Afterlight
  • PS Express (personal favorite)
  • VSCO cam
  • Airbrush (for your selfies)
  • Squaready
  • Overgram (if you want to add text to your pictures)

Don’t forget you have many editing options on Instagram already, and Instagram keeps innovating these as well.


35. Use the right colors

As said before, pick the colors that match your brand and use them in your pictures. If you don’t have a consistent color yet, go for the natural colors like blue, green and grey. They tend to do better than the warm colors like red, yellow and orange.


36. Desaturated pictures are better than saturated pictures

Do I have to explain this? ;-)


37. Bright and shiny pictures are better than dark pictures

Same same


38. Don’t overdo it

Don’t over edit your picture. They should still look very real and normal. And we still want to recognize you when we meet in person!

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