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Don’t we all love to take a selfie from time to time! And a beautiful research from Georgia Institute of Technology and Yahoo Labs shows that pictures with faces have 38% higher chance on likes than pictures without faces. So let's get that selfie cam up and take some shameless selfies!

But, on the other hand... other researchers say that taking multiple selfies a day shows narcissism and mental illnesses, so be careful ;-)

Do you want to post selfies on your Instagram feed or stories, please use the following tips:


31. Don’t post too many

Ok, not because of the mental illnesses, but because you will lose followers instantly. Your Instagram is not about you (yup, really), it’s about your followers, who they want to be or what they want to have. Would you follow IG accounts if they only post selfies?


32. Use natural lights

Again, about the natural light, I hear you. But I can’t say it enough: use natural light. Especially when it comes down to selfies. You don’t want to have a yellow glow on your skin or be in the dark. Move your face to the light, try not to squeeze your eyes and take a picture.


33. Know your good side

I know that every modeling agency wants to kill me now, but everybody has a ‘better side’. Your face is not symmetric, so there will always be a side you think is better. Lucky you if you like both sides of course!