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Always post quality content, and don't lack this rule. It’s not about how many posts a day or having over 1k posts already. The algorithm of Instagram is focussed on quality content. So what is this quality content?


22. Quality of the picture itself

Use pictures with a minimal size of 1080 x 1080 px to keep the quality. Your picture must be sharp (or the product in the picture you want to highlight is sharp) and professional.


23. Take a lot of pictures

Practice how to take the best shot of your captured moment. Know how your camera or phone works best. Play with the light in pictures. Find out what the best angle is. The first picture is never the best. 

As example: when I post a selfie, know that it took me like 100 shots before I got the one I posted.


24. Use natural light

Your best pictures are taken with natural light, trust me. And the best time to take pictures outdoors is in the early morning or on cloudy days during the day. But please do not forget about the final hour before sunset (golden hour) or the first hour after sunset (blue hour). Think of these things to match your product and service.


25. Food pictures? Always from above

Are you out for dinner or did you just make the best lunch ever? Take a picture straight from above the plate. Only in this way the food keeps its delicious looks ;-)



26. Product pictures? Always from the side

Posting pictures of your product is of course an absolute must, but make sure the product is shown from the front. Do not hold your camera in an angle.

Differences between good and better. Do you see the difference? 





27. Product pictures? Always new and untouched products!

I don't think I have to explain this one if you check these 3 examples: 





28. Use white space

With more white space in your pictures, you keep your complete feed calm and clear. Stay away from the messy pictures. How to do this?

  • Use a white wall as background for your outfit/product posts
  • Take pictures of white offices, coffee corners or white details
  • Product placing with white backgrounds
  • Quotes on a white background

You can change white for any color you like, I use white and blue for example.


29. Balance everything out

A new follower screens the first 9 till 12 pictures and these must be representing everything you stand for. If your latest posts were 12 quotes and nothing about your product, your new follower is most probably gone. Therefor my rule is that I only post quotes every 10 pictures (IF I post quotes). I little assignment for you:

Write down the numbers 1 till 12 and behind every number what you want to post about. For example:

  1. Personal
  2. Product
  3. Quote
  4. Workspot / coffee
  5. Personal
  6. Product
  7. Video
  8. Etc etc etc

Keep a close eye on this list and follow up on it. Like this you create a well-balanced profile!

Extra tip: do you want to know how your feed will look without posting all your pictures yet? Use the Instagram planner apps VSCO cam or Later.com!


30. Branding

This is the one most people forget about. If the content is 100% yours, and you don’t want anyone else getting credits for it, place your logo on it. You will be surprised how many pictures get ‘stolen’ from other accounts. It's a war out there.

Another important thing is that consistency (yes, again consistency) in the colors you use is highly recommendable. Do you have a color that you use on your website or in your logo (like I have with white and blue)? Use that same color in your pictures. Search for that coffee bar with cups in that color, use it as font color in your quotes and wear clothes that match that color. 

Check out your favorite profiles on Instagram and you will find out that most of them use coloring schemes.