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Now you know who your ideal followers are, why they follow you and why you want them to follow you. You know exactly which feeling you want to highlight. But what about the actual pictures itself?

10. Check out the exploring pages of Instagram

Keep an eye on the most trending pictures, maybe you will find the perfect style for your profile. Save those pictures for your mood board. Check the hashtags you want to focus on. What are others doing? How often do they post about their products? Do they post about other things too?


11. Use the power of story telling

Tell your story through your pictures. Teach your followers something in a how-to video or inspire them with a great quote. Everything you post must have an underlying goal like:

  • How to: show your expertise
  • Inspire: make them share it with friends
  • Take action: go to website, blog, shop etc.
  • Happiness moment: the - “I don’t want to push it too much, so I will just post something to remind you I’m still here”- posts.


12. Post Quotes

I have a love-hate relationship with quotes. My personal rule is not more than 1 out of 10 posts is a quote, but I see a lot of strong Instagram profiles posting daily quotes. A few tips about this:

  • Make sure they match your product, feeling or ideal follower
  • Every quote you post must probably have the same font and coloring scheme (or it will mess up your feed) and put your brand/name in the picture
  • Download an app to create quotes easily (BeHappy.me or TextGram will do the trick)


13. Post “Behind the scenes”

Who doesn’t like a little sneak peak in the life of their favorite brand or idol? And it helps you build a stronger brand! Don’t worry about not looking pretty or showing a little bit more reality. This is the moment your follower really gets to know you. You're also human, just like them. It shows reality, honesty and curiosity. This is also a chance to make some jokes and create a smile on your followers faces. Why so serious!?




14. Post picture collages

I’m also not a big fan of collages, but again, there are some big names out there who make it work. I never use collages because it messes up my feed and I think the pictures in a collage are too small to show what I want it to show. I rather go for multiple pictures in one post, like a carousel.

You can use a collage for testimonials, to get creative or just to bring extra attention to your most popular posts. To create a collage, I recommend the app Layout. 




15. Post personal pictures

Now this one depends on what you are selling. If you’re focussed on a product that matches a lifestyle, you can post pictures of yourself living that life. If you are selling a service you are offering, then it’s an absolute must to show yourself in the feed. Take pictures of yourself at work on your laptop, or while creating a product. Show your followers what your day looks like, how you spend your spare time (maybe with family and friends) or what you love to eat. An excellent feature on Instagram for personal pictures and videos is Stories. I will get to that later in this guide.


16. Post Live Events

Post pictures of you attending events, conferences, masterminds or maybe product launches. The goal:

  • Sneak peak
  • Inspire and motivate
  • Show expertise


17. (Re-)Post your followers

How cool is it when your followers post about your products! You absolutely must feature them in your feed (or stories) and thank them for using your product (and that you’re as happy as they are). The goal:

  • Motivate others to also buy your products
  • Show expertise, it works for others
  • Show the lifestyle your followers have when using your product
  • The follower in the spotlight might return to your shop and buy more


18. Post Video’s

Besides posting pictures, you can also post videos on Instagram. A video can be max 60 seconds and that is quiet long. Consider how long you watch videos of your favorite profiles. 2 or 3 seconds per picture is enough when you don’t read the text. So be sure about what you’re doing with videos. But if you’re a video editing ninja: go for it!


19. Post Giveaways actions

Post pictures in which you give something for free. That can be a promotional code or exclusive interview, but also you’re newest product, blog or podcast. Don’t push this too much either.





20. Instagram takeover

Ask a social influencer to take over your account. The engagement will be super high and followers will rise from the ground. Do know that social influencers are being asked for a lot of promotional actions, so be sure the influencer matches your profile (maybe he/she is 100% your ideal follower) and knows what you have to offer.


21. Post only about the things that make YOU feel good

Again said: this is not the holy grail of Instagram. Do not follow the everything I say too strict. Your profile is about you and your products. If you’re not being yourself on your social media account, people will notice. It soon will be fake or too commercial and all the above will backfire at you. Not feeling confident about a video, don’t post it.