So, you’ve got a stunning profile pic, strong bio and your account is public. But who are you reaching out to? Who do you want to follow you? Who is your ideal follower? 


7. Who is your ideal customer and what do you offer?

Who do you prefer as follower and what will you offer them once they follow? You have to know who you are talking to, why they follow you and why you want them as follower. You have to think beyond the point of “I want to sell my product to everybody who wants it”.

Everybody is not your target group.

Describe your favorite follower. From gender and age to hobbies, job and interests. Search for a few of them on Instagram, what do they post? Where are they? What do they do in their spare time? You need to know them, before you start. Your profile is about your product/service, but even more about your follower/client/customers! You’re not only offering your product/service on your IG profile, you’re selling a feeling, emotion, dream too. Two examples:

Poederbaas, a Dutch clothing line, specialized in winter clothing for skiing and snowboarding, selling everything that comes with the outdoor lifestyle in the winter (think of beanies, sunglasses, snapbacks and hoodies). But they are offering more than products on their Instagram. They are also selling the feeling of performing extreme sports, living an adventurous life and freedom. Ski fanatics want to be associated with them.

Rens Kroes, a Dutch foodie, writes about power food and a healthy lifestyle. But she is selling more than just books with recipes. On her profile, you will find the feeling of happiness, being successful, being strong and being a business babe. Life is a party, no matter where you are, as long as you take care of your beautiful self.


8. Translate emotions to visuals.

Think of what emotion or lifestyle fits your product/service best and how to put it in visuals.

Check the above profile of Rens Kroes, you’ll see pictures of finger-licking food, happy and smiling faces and a healthy lifestyle.

When you check the profile of Poederbaas, you will find pictures of outdoors, extreme sports and pushing yourself to the next level.

Extra exercise: Create mood boards on Pinterest. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it a lot and find the inspiration for your Instagram pictures!


9. What other interests does your follower have?

Dive into everything you can find about your ideal follower. What other hobbies does he/she have, what age range, location, job, family etc. Take one person in mind and write everything down you think of with this person.

Why? Let’s go back to Rens Kroes, who is selling power food recipes. Big chance that her followers want to lose weight or live a healthier life. Check out her timeline, 1 out of 10 pictures is about the gym or a workout. She is not ALWAYS posting about the gym or food, she is posting about her ideal follower / life: happy, healthy and laughing. 

My advice here is not to post about your products ONLY, but also about everything that comes with it.