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An Insta Story is a picture or video you add to your profile picture and it will only last 24 hours.


77. Pictures that didn’t make it to your feed

You will have many pictures that do not match your color scheme or are just not good enough for your feed. You can use them in your Insta Stories! This is a great way of keeping your followers connected, but without pushing it. It’s of course also a great way of showing a little more insight on your business or you as a person.


78. Highlights

Do you have a super good Insta Story? Or maybe a short video that represents your company in the best way? Highlight it as Insta Story on your profile. It will be visible on top of your profile, below your bio. When a follower visits your profile, they first read your awesome bio and then see that great highlighted story. You can replace these any time. Perfect!


79. Filters, stickers, frames, GIFs

You MUST check out all the funny filters that are available in the Insta Stories. Test and try


80. Consistency

Now it looks like Insta Stories is like Wonderland and you can do whatever you want. Less is true. Also here it’s highly recommendable to stay true to your brand. Use the right colors for your text and keep a close eye on the message you’re telling. It’s still storytelling guys!