For some of you is this the most boring part, but I'm a bit of a nerd and I love statistics. Instagram offers these stats too and for you as an entrepreneurs it's super important to know your numbers!


74. Set targets

Formulate a SMART goal, not just ‘more followers on Instagram’. Be Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic and Time bound.

Bad example: Within one moth 20k new followers (not realistic, sadly)

Bad example: More followers on Instagram (not specific)


Good example: At the end of 2018 I have over 2k followers

Good example: In 2018 the number of new followers increases with 10%

Be creative with this and come up with your goal! Never lose it out of sight and celebrate when you reach it!


75. Use Iconosquare or Followers app

There are a few apps out there that track all your followers and pictures. These tools show for example which posts had the highest engagement and/or which followers you lost.


76. Don’t buy likes or followers

It seems tempting, but don’t buy likes or followers. Even when it’s not going fast enough for you. Be patient. The likes you are paying for come from OR fake accounts OR not interested persons. Your real followers will notice this and stay away from you. Accounts with a lot of likes and almost no interaction are highly suspicious to Instagram too. And the last thing you want is being banned.