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Don’t be shy when people talk to you, in real life you won’t ignore them either.


58. Description

With your perfect picture comes the perfect text. Think about what your message is and invite your followers to comment. Share something personal or that they would recognize from their own experience. This is your chance to finish the story you want to tell by your pic.


59. Unlimited text

In contrast to the hashtags, for text there is no limit! Where most Instagrammers only use one or two sentences, it’s recommended to use a little bit more to tell your story and ask for comments. Don’t start your novel here, but do elaborate about your post and brand.


60. Ask questions

Do you want comments? Start asking questions! For example:

  • You’re going on a holiday to Bali. Ask your followers for recommendations
  • It’s a sunny day. Ask your followers how they spend their day
  • You post a picture of your breakfast. Ask your followers what they had for breakfast
  • You’re working on a new product. Ask your followers if they can guess what it is about


61. Call to Action

A call to action asks your follower to do something. Think of:

  • Answering your question
  • Tag a friend
  • Like your post
  • Regram your post
  • Follow your account (or someone else’s)
  • Post a picture with your hashtag


62. Respond to comments

Did your followers like your posts and did they leave a comment? Congrats! This means you’re on the right track! Always reply, even if it’s only to say thank you. Even better is to go to the profile of this person and like a few of his/her posts (or comment on one). This person showed interest in you and big chance he/she will follow you.


63. Follow, like and comment on your ideal follower

Find your ideal followers on Instagram and follow them. Like their pictures and comment on a few. Show them your love and that you have something to offer that they might like.


64. Regram pictures of your followers

Do you see a great picture of your product or does a picture totally fit your profile? Regram this picture (of course after asking for permission). Your followers will love it! Don’t forget to give credits to the owner.


65. Like pictures of others

When you like a picture on Instagram, the picture owner gets a notification. Big chance he or she will take a look at your profile. A great way of getting more followers! Don’t start liking EVERY picture you see now. Think about your ideal followers. Find them first, then find your favourite hashtags and location. And don’t like over 700 pictures a day. The Instagram algorithm is also checking spammers on this.


66. Comment on other pictures

When you really like the picture, comment! People love to hear from you! But people also hate spam, so keep your comments limited to 100 a day (and that is a lot!).


67. Follow influencers

Follow the Instagrammers your ideal follower also follows. Check out influencers that fit your profile.


68. Follow your competitor

There is nothing wrong with some good competition. Keeps you sharp!


69. Follow brands

Find the popular brands in your niche. Follow those.


70. Stay active

Don’t random like and follow. Stay active and interact with everyone on your path. Who knows you will find a great collaboration!


71. Monitor your hashtags

Keep an eye on your favourite hashtags and what people post with it. Check your brand name hashtag and see if people have questions about it. Be responsive and available.


72. Tag followers

Do you use quotes of famous people? Tag them. Is that your brother in the picture? Tag him. Do you wear a H&M hoodie in the picture? Tag H&M. With a bit of luck, they will regram your post.


73. Post the most responsive pictures

When you’ve been around on Instagram for a while, you know which posts get the most comments and likes. Post more of those pictures! It’s that easy.