Instagram! I can't deny it any longer: I'm addicted. A real insta-junky. I love this platform so much! For me it's like an online photo book, where I can look back and see where I was in life, what my story is so far and who were with me. But this platform is much more than just for personal use!

More and more businesses move from Facebook to Instagram, simply because Instagram is growing faster and the prediction is that it will have more users than Facebook has ever had. So better to join now and know how to reach out to your (future) customers on this social platform too!




If you want people to get to know you, follow you, like your posts, buy your products etc.. you have to start looking at yourself first. What do people see when they check you out? Do they see your values, what you have to offer and what they can expect? First impressions count! Especially on the interwebs!


1. Profile Picture

As said, the first impression is the most important, so make sure your profile picture meets the following requirements:

  • Professional and quality. Make sure your picture isn’t out of focus or made from an old mobile phone.
  • No text! Unless it's your logo only.
  • Keep it simple and clear.
  • Recognizable, I want to recognize you when I meet you in person ;-)


2. Write a strong bio

A strong Instagram bio is like a great blog title: you want to invite your followers to look further. Your profile visitors read your bio as very first, and if it is a good one, they will scroll down your feed. They might even click through to your website or contact you for a possible collab. Who knows! If your bio is not appealing to them, most likely they will not return to your profile. Ever.

How to write a strong bio? Bring the exact info your favourite follower should know about you. A little summary:

  • Explain what they should expect when they follow you. What is your company/blog/profile all about and how can you help your followers? A few examples:
    • 9GAG: Watch. Laugh. Vote for the funniest #9GAGFunOffvideo
    • Remote Year: You bring the job, we provide the adventure. Travel the world while working remotely
    • Yoga: #1 Global Yoga Community. Sign up at the link in bio and Tag @Yoga for a chance to be featured
  • Share personal information so your followers identify themselves with you.
    “Wow, he lost 23 kg, I want that too. Inspiring!”.
  • Where are you from or where do you offer your products. Instagram is an international platform, and especially when your bio is in English, it is useful to let your followers know where you are. Are you a travel junky? Nothing more interesting to know where you are right now AND where you have been.

If you are completely lost, I've got a little assignment for you to get to the perfect elevator pitch. It’s not my own masterpiece, but from the American author Alexandra Franzen. It only takes 30 – 45 minutes, and I’m sure you will come up with the right pitch! You can use this to write your bio.


3. Email Address

Always, always, always add your email address to your profile. How can a potential client contact you if there is no contact detail to be found? And not only future clients, but what about PR agencies who are interested in a collaboration with you. Make it easy for followers to reach out to you. Always.


4. Website or link to freebie

Are you a blogger? Do you sell a product or a service online? Is there more about you that your followers should know? Offering an e-book, freebie or giveaway? You have your personal YouTube channel? Whatever you have to offer, provide the link in your profile. Do not forget to explain a little bit what can be found there. One golden rule here: make them curious, but never be misleading.


5. Change your profile to Public

With a private profile, you will not be found in hashtag summaries and more important, nobody will see your beautiful pictures on your feed without following you first. I don’t think I need to say more ;)


6. Business account

Another very important one. As soon as you have over 100 followers, connect your Instagram account to your Facebook business page. It will enable a few more features for you, such as:

  • What picture has the highest engagement over the past years, months, days
  • Where are your followers located
  • What it the best time to post
  • What gender and age are your followers

Super useful tools!